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3 questions to ask your estate executor candidates

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2023 | Estate Planning

You must make many critical decisions when creating your estate plan. One such decision is choosing someone to carry out the wishes expressed in your documents (distribute property, pay debts, etc.).

But how do you choose an executor? Start by writing down a list of possible candidates and then arrange a Q&A session and ask them questions like these.

Are you able to serve as executor?

Estate administration is time-consuming and challenging. Asking those on your shortlist if they are fit, healthy and willing to serve gives them a safe opportunity to decline if they feel they aren’t up to the task. In turn, you can rest easier knowing you have found someone willing and able to administer your estate. 

Do you understand my estate planning wishes?

Go over your estate planning documents (will, trusts, etc.) with your executor candidates and encourage them to ask questions about anything they do not understand. You want to ensure your chosen executor comprehends your wishes and understands the language and terms in your documents.

What do you know about probate and other estate laws?

Your executor should understand how probate works in Nevada. Ask them if they have any previous executor experience and what, if anything, they know about state probate laws. If this is their first time serving, help them find the right laws and encourage them to study. Let them know it’s okay to seek legal guidance if a problem with your estate arises.

A question-and-answer session in a casual setting can encourage you and your executor to open up about any concerns either of you have. It may even help to prevent misunderstandings between your loved ones and your executor about your final wishes.