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Skilled And Personalized Legal Guidance To Draft Your Will

A will is a legal document that will bring peace of mind and certainty to your loved ones in the event of your passing. There are many types of wills that Nevada considers valid. You can have a “holographic” will, which is something in your own handwriting and is signed and dated by you to express your wishes to distribute your property. If you prefer, you can have a “formal” will signed in the presence of witnesses. Also, Nevada recognizes electronic wills.

Regardless of the form you choose, it is important to create a will sooner than later so you can determine sensitive aspects related to your loved ones’ future. Attorney J. Robert Parke stands ready to guide you through the process of drafting of your will.

While working on your case at the Law Office of J. Robert Parke, LLC in Reno, Mr. Parke can assist you in clearly determining in your will, for example, who will receive your estate, who will be responsible for your raising your minor children and who will be responsible for managing the inheritance which your minor children receive from you after your passing.

Helping Nevada Clients Protect Their Loved Ones

The stakes of not having a valid will are high. Nevada’s intestacy laws determine who will receive your assets if you do not have a will. In some cases, your parents or relatives may split your property with your spouse. In that event, your spouse will be unable to have all of your property, as you may have wished. In addition, the assets and property of your children may be subject to a costly guardianship supervised by the court.

Mr. Parke helps clients avoid these and other unintended consequences by creating valid wills that stand the test of time. Call the firm at 775-391-6494 to make an appointment and discuss your needs and expectations today.

The Advantages Of Creating A Will

A valid will has many advantages. You can name your choice of personal representative to administer your estate in the manner you choose. You can also name your heirs and omit certain members of your family who stand to inherit from you if you do not have a will. For instance, if you feel you have provided enough for your adult child throughout their lifetime, you may make provisions in your will for your grandchildren.

Some parents do not wish to give any further assets to wayward adult children. However, stating so in a will needs to be done carefully to avoid will contests and a battle in probate court. Mr. Parke believes it is vital to be candid about your long-term goals for your wealth and that there is no one-size-fits-all will when it comes to providing for your family’s needs and realizing your intent. He will help you draft a will to clearly express your wishes about distributing your assets.

Get Experienced Legal Counsel To Help You Draft A Valid Will

Since 1990, Mr. Parke has been dedicated to providing sound guidance, legal counsel and services to clients in connection with drafting their wills. He will also discuss the importance of having a well-drafted will based on his experience in estate planning, trusts and business transactions.

Send an email using this secure online form or call 775-391-6494 to schedule an appointment. Mr. Parke also serves clients from Gardnerville, Minden and the Lake Tahoe area.