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Estate Planning Does Not Have To Be A Difficult Process

While many people know that they should have some form of an estate plan, estate planning is often delayed or even avoided because it can be emotionally difficult to think of death or leaving their loved ones behind. Without an estate plan in Nevada, your assets will be distributed under Nevada’s intestacy statutes after your death. Nevada’s intestacy statutes, in effect, form a will that the state legislature has written for you. These intestacy laws dictate how your assets will be distributed when you die and may direct your assets to family members you had no intention of benefiting. Also, intestacy may have devastating estate tax consequences, expose your estate to publicity, cause delays in settling the affairs of your estate, cause unnecessary cost and expense, allow someone you do not want to manage your estate be placed into that role and create other adverse and unexpected consequences.

Adverse consequences can be avoided by creating an estate plan. An estate plan is critical to safeguarding your wealth, passing your wealth to your intended beneficiaries, protecting your wishes as to who should raise your children, respecting your intent as to who should manage your estate, minimizing taxes and the cost and expense to settle the affairs of your estate and helping avoid delays in settling the affairs of your estate. An estate plan can also provide you with peace of mind about how your financial and health care decisions will be made if you become incapacitated.

Since 1990, attorney J. Robert Parke has helped clients overcome the anxiety of estate planning and achieve their estate planning goals. One size does not fit all when it comes to estate planning, tax planning, asset protection planning and business planning. To meet your specific goals, you must be represented by an estate-planning lawyer who is sensitive to your objectives and is experienced in trusts, estates, taxation, probate law and business law. Mr. Parke is highly experienced and develops plans tailored to each client’s circumstances, needs and goals, and he provides comprehensive, goal-oriented legal services and builds long-term relationships to help clients achieve their estate planning and business objectives. Mr. Parke’s estate planning services range from simple estate plans to combination business-and-estate plans that may encompass complex business succession planning, exit strategies, charitable giving, tax planning and other important considerations.

Preserve Your Legacy and Pass Your Wealth to Your Intended Beneficiaries

Mr. Parke understands that family dynamics are not always ideal. You may have concerns about a child or other loved one having developmental deficits, a history of financial issues, alcohol or substance abuse or having behavioral or other problems which would cause you to have second thoughts about leaving wealth directly to the person. Also, family members or business partners may believe that they are entitled to your wealth but may not be your intended beneficiary. When you are uncertain about how to best handle these types of situations, you can rest assured that your privacy and your wishes are foremost at the Law Office of J. Robert Parke, LLC, in Reno.

Attorney Parke meticulously composes comprehensive wills, trusts, other estate planning documents and business documents. He can help you with:

Attorney Parke protects and advances his client’s interests efficiently and professionally. He is a respected Lead Counsel estate and trust attorney dedicated to developing effective, goal-oriented estate plans and assisting with probate and trust administration.

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