Estate Plans

Each estate plan is unique. It is important to plan for the orderly and legally enforceable management of your affairs in the event of your incapacity or death and to help avoid disputes over your wishes.


Innovative trusts are an integral part of lifetime gift planning, estate planning, asset protection planning and tax planning.

Probate And Estate Administration

Compassionate and detailed attention is needed in probate and estate administration to honor your loved one’s final wishes and maintain harmony, whether the estate is small and simple or large and complex. If disputes arise, having experienced legal counsel to help navigate the choppy seas of litigation is needed.

Nevada Business Entities

Having seasoned legal counsel to help guide you and avoid the pitfalls of incomplete business documents helps avoid disputes and costly litigation.

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Particular attention to your needs and objectives is needed for your intent to be realized. Wills and trusts are legal documents to carry out your intent for the management of your affairs, to protect your legacy and to state how your estate will be divided and distributed when you are gone. Wills and trusts also may provide for tax planning and asset protection planning for you and future generations. In addition to wills and trusts, an estate plan should include documents to protect your wishes for the management of your health care and to authorize others to act on your behalf if you are unable to do so yourself. Such additional documents include, but are not limited to, advance health care directives under a durable power of attorney for health care decisions and a living will (i.e. directive to physicians) and a durable general power of attorney. Additionally, if you have a business, particular attention to your goals is needed to ensure your business is operated as you intend and for the succession of ownership when you are gone. Without legal documents in place to carry out your intent, there may be disruption and disputes which adversely affects the well-being of your family and business associates.

Fulfilling Responsibilities Your Loved One Charged You With Can Be Complex

If you have been designated as personal representative for another person (executor of a will or agent under a power of attorney) or as a trustee of another person’s trust you may face a variety of challenges when completing the duties assigned to you if you are on your own without guidance. As a fiduciary acting under a trust agreement, under a will, in an intestate administration or under a power of attorney, you should work with an experienced estate planning attorney to provide the guidance you need to help put you at ease so you may properly discharge your duties in a timely and effective manner.

Attorney J. Robert Parke focuses his practice on serving northern Nevada families and businesses and has substantial experience in assisting his clients to understand and discharge their duties as a trustee, an executor, an administrator or an agent (i.e. attorney-in-fact). Mr. Parke provides the utmost care and attention to the individual legal needs of his clients. Whether you need guidance about how to carry out the fiduciary duties you have accepted, assistance with protecting your legacy or help with tax planning or business planning, attorney Parke has the experience you need.

Your Legal Needs Are Unique

At the Law Office of J. Robert Parke, LLC, you will experience respect for your objectives and concerns and be provided clear answers to your questions so you can make informed decisions about achieving your estate planning goals. One size does not fit all when it comes to estate planning, and settling the affairs of a deceased person’s estate can be a daunting task without proper guidance. Attorney J. Robert Parke has the knowledge and experience you need to achieve your estate planning goals and to help you settle the affairs of a deceased person’s estate. Also, if you are involved in a controversy concerning a probate estate or trust, Mr. Parke will seek the prompt and successful resolution of the dispute and work hard to protect and advance your interests and rights in an efficient and professional manner. Mr. Parke also has the knowledge and experience you need to assist you with asset protection planning, structuring a business entity, purchasing or selling a business or planning to avoid adverse tax consequences. Speak with a lawyer dedicated to efficient solutions for your estate planning, probate, trust administration and business needs. Email or call the Law Office of J. Robert Parke, LLC at 775-786-5046 today to schedule an appointment.

Since 1990, the Law Office of J. Robert Parke, LLC, has provided clients with dedicated and personalized legal services to protect their final wishes, their business interests and family’s well-being.