Efficient, Effective Representation For Probate And Estate Administration

Probate and estate administration can be a complex and difficult process, particularly when a person has not taken the time to create an estate plan. If your loved one left a valid will, the probate process can be less complicated and, in many instances, streamlined. Unfortunately, many people avoid estate planning and leave their family with the responsibility of taking care of their final affairs after they are gone without much, if any, guidance about intent and subject to a complex and expensive process. Without a will, Nevada’s intestacy laws dictate how a deceased person’s estate will be divided and distributed. With a properly drafted will, the steps of the probate process can be simplified. However, the probate process must be completed properly to ensure your loved one’s property is distributed and their final affairs, including taxes, are settled.

Working with an experienced attorney is essential to minimize costs and to get the probate process finished. The Law Office of J. Robert Parke, LLC, in Reno provides seasoned probate and estate administration for clients throughout northern Nevada. The firm handles all types of probate cases, ranging from estates which are very simple with few assets to estates with property both in Nevada and outside of Nevada, with multiple property holdings in different states, with commercial properties or with multimillion-dollar assets. If your loved one recently passed, call attorney J. Robert Parke at 775-786-5046 to speak with a compassionate and knowledgeable probate attorney.

Probate and Estate Administration for Business Owners

Whether your loved one’s business was a corporation, limited liability company, partnership or sole proprietorship, working with an experienced attorney can help sort out the complex probate process. If sufficient estate planning has not been done and if a court must establish who inherits a person’s business, more time may be needed to get through the probate process.

A business owner’s interests in business property may include rights to real estate, a variety of tangible personal property and/or intangible assets. Rights to patents, licenses, software, trade secrets, business equipment and machinery, lease agreements, buy-sell agreements and jointly-owned property are common matters to address upon a business owner’s death.

Depending on the nature of the business and if adequate provisions are not made in the business owner’s estate plan and in the governing documents and agreements for the business, the court may have to determine relevant questions and direct things such as the payment of business debts and the management of the business for paying employees, vendors, landlords, tax authorities and others. The judge may also order the liquidation of the business to pay debts and ultimately close the business.

If your loved one recently passed and owned a business, call attorney J. Robert Parke at 775-786-5046 He has the experience in business and probate matters needed to help guide you through the probate process.

Work With a Seasoned Probate Lawyer

Confused about probate and estate administration matters? The Law Office of J. Robert Parke, LLC, can help guide you through the process. Attorney Parke is well-versed in Nevada’s intricate probate laws. He can help your family move through the process as efficiently as possible. He has extensive experience with handling out-of-area probate issues, multi-state properties as well as multimillion-dollar properties. Call the firm at 775-786-5046 or complete the online form to schedule an appointment.