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Has your business partner lost interest? 

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Business Law

You always had an entrepreneurial streak and you knew that one day you’d run your own company. An idea came to mind and you went for it. However, you soon realized that you couldn’t do it completely alone, so you enlisted the help of a business partner. 

Everything was harmonious for a while but in recent months things have changed. Is it possible that your business partner has lost interest in the company? If this is the case, how can you tell? 

Has daily communication changed? 

While you and your business partner have had ups and downs, you’ve always managed to overcome challenges with communication. Now, the two of you just don’t seem to talk, and when you do, their story just seems off. You’ve gotten to know each other quite well and you suspect that something is being hidden from you. When you and your business partner are no longer able to communicate effectively, it could be a sign that the partnership is in trouble. 

Have they lost their professionalism?

The one positive attribute that stood out from your business partner, in the beginning, was their professionalism. They would never take anything personally and would always seek to find resolutions to disputes. Now, they are constantly bad-mouthing other staff and you’ve even heard that they have been doing the same to you. A sudden negative change in attitude could be another sign that the partnership may have run its course. 

If your partnership dispute cannot be solved internally then you may need to start thinking about your legal options. Seeking some guidance will help to protect both you and your company.